Your right to Privacy

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I fully respect your privacy rights and recognize the importance of protecting information that you provide. This page describes what happens to your private information, how it is used and how this website uses cookies to keep track of your preferences and to gather anonymous statistics.

Your personal information

I collect information from you only when you provide it (via the contact form). I only ask for the minimum amount of information needed to communicate with you and to assess your website should you make an enquiry.

Your details will not be stored on a database, used for marketing purposes or offered to any third parties. I do my best to keep your information safe and while the data that you send is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone else, as you know, no data transmitted over the internet is totally secure and no security mechanism is impenetrable.

When you fill out the contact form and send your enquiry, I receive that information via email which I use to action a response to you. All email enquiries, along with your details, are deleted after 30 days if there is no further communication from you.

Why I use Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that store user information. They are a way for a website to remember something about you. Without a way of remembering, a website can't function in circumstances such as when you want to log in or buy something because it can't remember who you are or what it was you wanted to buy. Every time you visit a new page it can't remember you. uses a single cookie to keep track, ironically, of your cookie preferences and four 3rd-party cookies from Google to gather anonymous statistics. This information helps me to assess and improve this website and the experiences of it's visitors.

The Google Analytics cookies record what pages you view, how you arrived at our site, how long you spent on each page and some information about the device you are using. All of that information is anonymous. I don’t know who you are.

You can of course turn cookies off completely from within your browser's settings but many websites won't work as intended if you do that. Ideally you should allow those cookies that perform important functions to be enabled and if necessary only disable 3rd-party cookies that track you or share information about you.

Here you can learn more about Google Analytics data privacy and security or find out how to opt-out of Analytics cookies.

Well over 90% of websites use cookies and couldn't work properly without them. I hope this page helps you to understand what cookies do and what you can do about them.